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Tony Award-winning actor (youngest female recipient), award-winning writer, mother, cross-sectional feminist, queer, lovable misanthrope. Black Lives Matter. Abortion is healthcare.

To Baby or Not to Baby

But this time it dawned on me that I might be robbing myself of something I truly want, and I’m not entirely sure why. What if I keep talking myself out of having another child, and then I hit menopause and I live the rest of my life with regret? And what if this is the best time to do it? Continue reading

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Here We Are.

A couple of you reached out to me after my recent post about depression. You expressed gratitude that I shared my experience so openly, and said it helped you reach out for your own help. I can’t begin to express … Continue reading

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The Depression of the Lambs?

Depressives tend to bristle at the advice that we need to go out and get fresh air, or exercise, or meditate, or drink more water, or smile more, get out of bed, go to bed at a reasonable hour, or … Continue reading

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You’re an asshole, but I love you.

“You always folded and let me play video games, and now I can’t self-motivate to get a job AND THAT’S WHY I HAVE TO LIVE IN YOUR BASEMENT!” Continue reading

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Frankenstein Bunny (Monty came up with this title)

Watching a show where toxic heteronormativity is rewarded, and shooting zombies has been a balm these days. Continue reading

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Lies I Tell Myself

I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just begin, and we’ll see where we get. I’ve been told recently by a few different people that they’ve always enjoyed my blog and that they admire my openness and honesty. It’s … Continue reading

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Safer at Home

Written and Directed by me. Starring me and Monty Eagan-Bloom Edited by Luther Creek

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Teach your Children Well. Or… At All.

We took a drive on Saturday in my sister’s convertible up to Mullholland. We were hoping to see the view south of here. We heard you can see all the way down to South Coast now that the pollution has … Continue reading

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Whose Country is it Anyway?

I wish that I could offer hope or optimism, but I’m not feeling tremendously hopeful or optimistic. I wish I could say that we’re all going to come out of this relatively soon and stronger as a nation. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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There are planes going by overhead from Burbank to who knows where. Who is still riding on airplanes? I am somewhat at a loss. What is happening in the world is so big and scary, I don’t know where to … Continue reading

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