Very Exciting Announcement Coming Soon!

Friends! I know it’s been radio silence from me since August of the year which shall not be named. August just happened to coincide with full-time home-schooling starting AND the beginning of a new project that has required pretty much all of my free time (of which I have very little).

For those of you who have been anxiously biting their nails down to the quick, awaiting a new BRILLIANT missive from me, your wait is ALMOST over, though the medium through which you’ll be getting my writing will be different…

More info coming in the next couple weeks, I PROMISE.

Also, I KNOW my website needs to be redone. Honestly? Every time I sit down to work on it, I get overwhelmed and desperately need a nap.

About Daisy Eagan

Tony Award-winning actor (youngest female recipient), award-winning writer, mother, cross-sectional feminist, queer, lovable misanthrope. Black Lives Matter. Abortion is healthcare.
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